Where Do You Start With a Coach?

Most coaches begin with a special client meeting or call to get to know each other. The coach wants to hear about the client’s goals, needs, and problems. The client wants to get comfortable with the coach. During this meeting, both parties design a list of goals and a game plan to reach these goals.

5 Things Vision In Purpose Does:

  1. Getting Clear on Your Vision: Your vision is what drives you. If you aren’t clear on where you want to go, how can you get to where you want to be. We will focus on clarifying your vision for your life and business.
  2. Clearly Define Your Values: Your values are your life’s compass. When you operate outside of your values, your life is out of integrity. Living and working this way launches you into a series of detours and causes you to get stuck and frustrated. We work together to identify the values that make you the best of who you are and work from there.
  3. Inventory Your Skills: What are you good at? What are you not so great at? It is important to know these things so you aren’t spinning your wheels in an area that isn’t the most profitable use of your time.
  4. Optimize Your Environment: Sometimes, even the strongest of us are victims of our environment. A turbulent marriage, an unforseen tragedy or some other challenging circumstance adds an extra layer of stuff between us and our desired goal. We are there when life happens to help you reach your goals regardless of the challenges you face.
  5. Master Your Mindset: What are the stories, thoughts or belief systems that haunt you and keep you from stepping into your dreams for success? We’ll work together to defeat the “stinkin thinkin” that gets in the way of your vision and purpose for your life and business!

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