It’s Happening Again and I Couldn’t Be More Excited!


Two full day of fellowship, breakthrough and TRANSFORMATION!

The last two events were beyond amazing from the feedback I received from the participants.  I can only say that it was “all because of Him”, and now there is another one coming up.  Because of the way it is coming together, I know that it will be even more spectacular and transformative!

The Success Movers Breakthrough Experience involves learning life-changing concepts and then putting them into practice through fun, interactive, and experiential “innercises” (exercising the inner woman).  This isn’t a typical sit back and hear someone do a lot of talking kind of event. No lectures here.

Instead, we go deep into issues that concern you as you’ll have a chance to experience 1-to-1 coaching in this small group setting.  This coaching will give you an opportunity to address any professional or personal needs or challenges in a safe and supportive environment.  Then, as a follow-up, you also get a private phone session with me within 30 days after the event.

This is a 2-day intimate and exclusive live coaching event, limited to a maximum of 10 (now only 5 more people). Each person is vetted to ensure a safe, high quality and synergistic environment conducive to real breakthroughs and transformations.

It’s time to take off the masks, roll up your sleeves, get real and work on YOU!!  This is the real YOU that will make more money, have rock solid confidence, and have more time to enjoy what’s truly important to you.  In other words, you’ll learn to step up, step out, play a bigger game and command the success that God has already purposed for you.

Interested?  Just click here and answer a few questions and let’s talk to see if it’s a fit for you.  If you’d like to hear what some of the last participants had to say about it and hear an interview I did before the first event: Go to

Let’s connect as soon as possible,

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