In spite of it all, I had to laugh!

As you probably know, I recently had major back surgery, and the recovery has been quite a journey. The pain meds have had me let’s just say…not myself at all. So I have not been able to really communicate, at least in a way that I could be understood. 🙂

I would sound great in my mind, but by the time it got to my mouth and my mouth was trying to articulate it, it was nothing like what my mind constructed. In fact, I tried to text a message for Ashleigh, to send out to the community for me. She called me and said “Ms. Anita, I have NO idea WHAT you’re trying to say!!” All I could do was laugh!!! LOL!! It made sense to me, what was the problem?? 🙂
All that time, I thought I was communicating effectively, apparently not. So then I decided to ask my family, when I talked to them did I make sense or did they understand a thing I said. Except for my youngest son, who told me up front “Mom, nothing you’re saying makes any sense right now”, everyone else just smiled, nodded and pretended to understand me.
How did I know they were pretending? I started asking them, after I talked for a while, “did what I said make sense to you?” Of course, you can guess the unanimous answer “NO!!”. 🙂
When communicating with others, check in with them to make sure they correctly receive what you communicate. Maybe even ask them for their perspective or understanding on what you’ve said by having them repeat it back to you. Oh yeah, and most importantly, don’t try to carry on conversations when you’re under the influence of medication!!
As I continue to recover, I have more to share. I’m not back to work full time, but I’ll be doing as much as I can without compromising my health.
Until we’re in touch again, I thank you for continued prayer and we will keep you updated as much as possible.

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