3 Things to Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

How often do you feel overwhelmed running your business, handling your finances, or relationships? Do you experience times when you feel defeated, and that giving up may be the best option? As professional women, I’m sure these are all feelings that each of us can relate to, because being in the business field can be stressful. However, there are 3 things that are important to remember when you experience these emotions, and that is your what, why, and how.

  1. (WHAT) Vision

When you first created and began your business or  your journey, I’m sure you had a vision of what type of results you wanted to achieve, the success you wanted to experience, and an amount of money you wanted to make. If you’re like me you even envisioned the time and freedom you wanted to have! When you feel as if you can’t go on, or you have too much to handle it’s important that you revisit that vision.  Perhaps, you may update it or even create a new one. By remembering your vision you remind yourself of your goals, and can evaluate what it is you may or may not need to do in order to reach them. It’s also important to remember that as you progress, goals that you once had may not be a priority; so take some time to determine what your vision is at this present moment.

  1. (WHY) Mission

As you created your vision, I’m sure you created a mission statement as well explaining WHY you chose this profession or particular lifestyle. By rereading your mission statement, you remember the impact you want to have on others and those around you. Your why should be more than just to make money, it goes way beyond that and even outside of yourself.  When your ‘why’ becomes bigger than you, you are then open for God to fulfill His purpose within you.  I once heard Pastor Creflo Dollar say, “you take care of your purpose and God will take care of your paycheck”.   Your purpose is mainly your ‘why’ and it is the fuel that will keep you going when you want to quit.

  1. (HOW) Values

By determining your values, you can figure out exactly how you will operate in your lifestyle, profession or business. As a solo-preneur your personal values are often your business values as well, because YOU are your business.  So when trying to figure out what values your company should embrace I encourage you to sit down and become clear on what your values are. If you need assistance in determining what your values are, see pages 10-11 in my “5 Avoidable Mistakes That Kill Your Revenue and Keep You Stuck”, found in my “Virtual Business Success Gift Bag”.  My personal values include and focus on integrity, accomplishment, spirituality, and humor, which I work to reflect these values in my business.

By taking time to sit down and figure out or remind yourself of the what, why, and how behind your business and/or life, you can overcome feeling defeated and actually motivate yourself to not just strive but to thrive in your business.  For additional support in creating and having the kind of business and life you love to wake up to, check out the upcoming “Step Up, Step Out Success Movers Coaching Club” call, Oct 14th at 1:30p CST.  This is the first call of the launch of this coaching club and you are invited with our compliments.

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